Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Don Quixote Essay Example for Free

Don Quixote Essay He was a retired nation scholar: Alonso Quijano, obsessed with books and knowledge, dried up his brain and lose his wit; chose to be a knight-errant, journeyed the world with horse. He wore himself in armour though rusty it was and a cardboard helmet; rode in his horse, searched his adventures, called himself: Don Quixote de la Mancha. Alas! Metamorphosis revealed. Married a farm girl whom he renamed: Dulcinea del Toboso. Beat up by servants of traveling merchants, who refused to recognize Dulcinea’s immense splendor; rescued by a neighbor and carried him home. Expedition came another expedition. Suffered in his long quests. Don Quixote whose real name was Alonso Quijano returned home humiliated, locked in an ox-cart that served as his cage. The Odyssey An epic poem created by Homer, said to be a ‘sequel’ of Iliad. It was Odysseia in Greek, as what Herodotus has called it. Odyssey, derived from the Greek’s, indicated an important and arduous journey. Kept as a prisoner in Calypso, Oh! Odyssey, until the gods held a meeting and set him free. He built a raft and voyaged over stormy seas. Entered the palace of King Alcinous, took part with the games that were held, sang the Trojan War; the King queried who he was: â€Å"I am Odysseus. † He then narrated his quests: the Island of the Winds, the kingdom of the dead; of psyches of ancient heroes and women, passed over the magnificent song at the isle of Siren. Fortunate he was, he survived from Zeus’ thunderbolt which struck the ship; carried he was at the shore of Phaeacia, he then met Athena in Ithaka. Fight has transpired; Yet peace and victory awaited. Flourished. Oedipus He has been made King of Thebes due to his heroic act of liberating the people from the plague and pestilence of Sphinx. Epidemic from another epidemic, people have always asked him to rescue them. Oedipus has always foreseen the needs. Hero he may seem, he has been accused as the murderer of Laius, the former King. Infuriated by allegation, announced it as a plot. A conspiracy for Creon to gain his throne. A battle soon to happen, yet Jocasta arrived in time to stop the fight. She guaranteed that prophets, who declared the accusation, were not reliable. As evidence, she cited the old prophecy that her son needed to murder his father, and have children by his mother.

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