Thursday, November 21, 2019

Change plan Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Change plan - Assignment Example However, the facilitys corporate structure has come with various strategies to deal with highlighted challenges affecting the facility. As a result, the merged has emerged as one of the most prominent old care agency in Miami. Employee culture has been supportive of the development of the facility, which has contributed to the achievement of the most vital goals and objectives. The county and Federal governments have also been supportive through economic, social, and cultural contributions to the agency. Additionally, charity organizations have also played a major role in the financial maintenance of the facility. Consequently, the facility has been capable of holding more than a thousand old individuals in the society. Moreover, the community nursing has also been emphasized in the region whereby nurses can directly attend to the old in various communities. The organizational change is based on the Theory of change that is based on the achievements of the long-term goals of the facility (Cunliffe, 2008). The theory operates on the principles that a non-profit organization has an obligation to achieve the goals and objectives of an organization in both the short and long-term periods (Cunliffe, 2008). As a result, the long-term goals have been a motivational factor for a better future of the organization and society. Importantly, the society has been a major beneficiary of the facilitys organizational change. The county government has come up with a financing strategy that has helped reduce the cost of facilitys operational activities. Importantly, the facility has also been involved in assisting the non-well up towns in the society. As a result, the changes have been noted and publicized by international welfare organizational facilities that deal with taking care of the old. The changes that have occurred in the society have made a major improvement in the society. The facility has gathered information based on experiences of other old caring

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