Saturday, November 2, 2019

Process Paragraph Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Process Paragraph - Essay Example This could be highly unsettling and make it difficult for people to adjust in the new place. The culture shock therefore becomes a key issues for migrating population which must be addressed to make their transition from one culture to another easier and friendly. Different language, laws and regulations, dress code, food etc. become crucial factors that inculcate a sense of homesickness, depression, isolation etc. amongst the immigrant population and travelers. Therefore, it becomes very important to have prior knowledge about the new country and its culture so that one is prepared for changes. All the people who travel to new country, especially those with different culture experience varying level of culture shock. When they are prepared for new experience, the culture shock is not so severe. But, nonetheless, it is a temporary phase but serious issue if not tackled early. Language and laws are major elements of discomfort. The diverse society with people having varying socio-cultural values highlights the contemporary dynamics of changing societal pattern across the globe. Overcoming culture shock by making adjustments within the evolving society therefore becomes hugely pertinent issue for peaceful co-existence. It necessitates understanding of cross cultural values and willingness to adapt oneself into new environment through different mechanisms of adjustment. Culture shock for people from Asian region and other developing economies, when they come to the West is considerably more than their European counterparts. The language, gender outlook, dress code etc. become critical aspects of cultural paradigms that evoke differing response. Language barrier is one of the most defining issues that plays critical role in overcoming culture shock. Thus, learning the language of the mainstream society of host nation becomes impartment part

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