Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Psychiatry as a Career Essay -- Psychiatrist Psychology

The study of the mind, psychiatry, has in the last few years struck an interest within me. I wonder why we react differently when we face the same obstacles. For example, families with several children, raised by the same parents and in the same environment, yet turn out to be completely different individuals, sometimes very disturbed. The how, why and where of it all interests me. My immediate goal is to get my diploma and find out who I really am and what my soul desire truly is. I realize I have a deep desire to be of service to others. This is not a skill however, it's just me. I do feel one of my strongest skills is my artistic ability. I have a taste for and enjoy a diverse selection of movies, music, and reading material. I enjoy studying photography, biology, along with human behavior. Psychiatrists treat patients who have mental illnesses and help diagnose them. They strive to find solutions for their patient's mental disorders. It can and usually does, involve counseling for the patient and sometimes their family as well. Medication can be prescribed to help with chemical imbalances, some of these are caused by their emotional problems. Sometimes even shock therapy is given. It can be a take home job much of the time. Psychiatrists do a lot of side work and research to expand their knowledge. Most keep updated on the latest data and new medications available. Sometimes psychiatrists deal with life or death situations and they need to know exactly how to react. This occupation requires an extensive amount of thinking and the ability to figure out problems. It is important to be able to focus, listen and process information. They have to be able to give positive feedback and come to a decision on how to treat each patien... ...metimes even death. The world today is sue happy, so if something goes wrong they are usually blamed. This career involves many years of education, which could be very costly. I am very interested in mental health and the care and well being of .individuals that need this assistance. I see a great need for those who are capable of helping troubled souls... Many of our disturbed youth are especially in need of some sort of mental assistance. I believe this field is wide open with possibilities. I know there is a growing need to have more compassionate, skilled, well trained, highly educated, individuals, in this field However, I now realize also, after my research, which becoming a psychiatrist is a very difficult career choice. Although, I still wish to have some sort of career in the mental health field, it may be this career choice is a bit much for me, I wonder?

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